Column: Boras is still draining the well

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Because of the way I have Word Press set up I lose sight of the site when I blog it. I have to fix that, but for now let me cite (my daughter, by the way, is studying homophones) this story for citing a stat (number of pitchers to average 18 wins per year for seven straight years since 1969) while only giving the answer for six of them. Did the writer do it because the other six would support or undermine his overall argument? Do you think.

I can’t be sure until I figure out who the others are, but I have a strong suspicion.

2 thoughts on “Column: Boras is still draining the well”

  1. Hmm, i believe these are the other 6, obviously not as robust a group, but some fairly strong names on there. What’s your supposition?

    Gaylord Perry
    Fergie Jenkins
    Jack Morris
    Catfish Hunter
    Mike Cuellar
    Frank Viola

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