Padres Deal Barfield!

Padres trade 2B Barfield to Indians for two prospects – MLB – Yahoo! Sports

At Ron Shandler’s First Pitch Arizona Forum over the weekend, Blue Jays scout Kimball Crossley and Baseball HQ prospect analyst Deric McCammy looked at videos of Arizona Fall League players and analyzed their mechanics and predicted their futures.

Crossley said he never looked at video and was a little put off watching from the side angle (first base) rather than behind the plate, but that didn’t keep him and McCammey from gushing over Kevin Kouzmanoff. Both analysts like his swing, like his power, like his body and like his makeup, which is enough for me to say that maybe the Padres didn’t get taken in this trade.

Neither analyst thought Kouzmanoff would be a star, and while Barfield probably isn’t going to be one of the elite either, he’s a top notch defender at a middle position who has proven he can handle big league pitching.

No knock on Kouzmanoff, really. Seeing him play in person, well actually seeing him hit in person, makes you believe that he will hit. But he’s a slow runner who will be average at best in the field. And he’s older than Barfield.

The Padres got a pitcher, too. Andrew Brown is out of options. This is the third time he’s been dealt for a big league hitter. The first two were Gary Sheffield and Milton Bradley. He may well end up having a big league career but at this point that’s all.