Ask Rotoman This Week Aug 30 2006

I’m out of the Maine woods now, woods I was in last week shortly after posting and which is why I didn’t plug last week’s excellent Ask Rotoman column in these pages. This week’s is being promoted as an analysis of Juan Rivera, though in retrospect I don’t really pay enough attention to him. What I wanted to say, however, I said: Nick Markakis is a better alternative than Shawn Green. Also this week I advise against Chien-Ming Wang tepidly, before he threw seven scoreless innings against the team with the best record in baseball, I choose, tepidly, between three youngsters as freezes for next year and beyond (they’re Jason Kubel, Carlos Quentin, and Ryan Shealy). Plus there is chatter about Kevin Mench, who is getting an unmanly amount of playing time in Milwaukee, and a cage match between Delmon Young and Chris Duncan. Ouch.