Taking One for the Team

MLB – St. Louis Cardinals/Chicago White Sox Box Score Wednesday June 21, 2006 – Yahoo! Sports

That’s what Jason Marquis is doing tonight, dragging down my Tout Wars NL pitching staff, which went into tonight with the second best ERA and Ratio in the league. Amazingly, after 12 runs in four innings I’ve still got 12 points in both categories, though the margin of error is significantly smaller now.

2 thoughts on “Taking One for the Team”

  1. Ouch. That will definitely leave a mark.

    Also, imagine the Jermaine Dye owner who has to look at 5-0-0-0 despite the Sox 13 runs and 16 hits.

  2. Can certainly sympathize with u Peter. At least I had him on the bench in regs league for this one, but think have had every other terrible start count.

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