Rowand hits wall, breaks nose – MLB

An amazing catch, indeed. Megary’s comment is much better than my original one.

2 thoughts on “Rowand hits wall, breaks nose”

  1. It was a tremendous catch – not because he ran into a fence (plastic wall?)and broke his nose – but because there are only a handful of current major leaguer’s who could make that catch. Most players have an innate behavior to avoid pain and would have pulled up purposely to avoid running into anything they knew was coming, be it a wall or another player. (Just like the player who jumps out of the way of an inside pitch with the bases loaded and the game tied).

    The fact that he made the play in the 1st inning with the bases loaded and 2 outs, a day after the Phillies were routed, with a young pitcher on the mound, and against the division leading Mets made it completely standout.

    Greatest catch ever?
    Please. There is no such thing.
    But it did win the game.

  2. I”ve only seen the video a couple times, but it looked like most of his body didn’t hit a particularly hard surface. It’s just that his face smacked into the top of the wall, which was VERY firm by all appearances. That is, it looked like a bit of a fluke that he collided the way he did, and therefore I think other players, if they had gotten close, may have tried to do the same thing.

    Not to take away from the catch, which was amazing. And he held on!

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