Do the Right Thing

MLB – Atlanta Braves/Philadelphia Phillies Box Score Wednesday May 3, 2006 – Yahoo! Sports

For the second night this week Rheal Cormier got the win in relief for the Phillies. This bothers me because last week in the Tout Wars claims I did the wrong thing and listed Elizardo Ramirez ahead of Cormier on my sheet. My thinking had something to do with Ramirez’s good game at Washington earlier in the week, but despite his good control the chances of Ramirez having ongoing success are pretty small because he can’t dominate hitters at all. At his best, with the Reds’ juggernaut behind him, he gets a win or two with passable qualitatives. Meanwhile, a reliable middle reliever like Cormier isn’t going to hurt you, and in a week like this one may help a lot. A reminder why it’s better to play safe, rather than try to catch lightning in a bottle.