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The notion that Eric Munson is going to be a suitable reserve for the aging Brad Ausmus seems, on the face of it, to be crazy.

The notion that Munson will hit enough to hold the job, much less play the position well enough, is absurd. We have plenty of history to back that up.

Which is why Humberto Quintero is an interesting reserve play. With Raul Chavez out of the way (waived, then claimed by Baltimore) Quintero is the only real option the Astros have if (when!) Munson is discarded.

Quintero hasn’t developed as a hitter the way we (meaning, I) expected, so there are reasons for the Astros’ reluctance to promote him. But as a late in the game reserve pick sleeper, he’s golden.

2 thoughts on “Eric Munson”

  1. This post was triggered because he isn’t a catcher. But you’re right, once you factor in his pathetic batting average his power is for real.

    I shouldn’t rule out the possibility that he’s learned to catch, either. The Tigers (in those golden years) found him enough improbable AB while he played (improbably) third base.

    He turns 29 in October and has a .697 career OPS. Maybe I’m premature, but unless he brings competent defensive chops to Houston I just don’t see him lasting long.

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