Tout Wars – Battle of the Experts

Tout Wars – Battle of the Experts

Want to know what the so-called experts “paid” in their demo draft? Tout Wars is the best.

That said, $25 samoleans for King Felix is wild. I’m rooting for Steve that it works out, but the odds are strongly against him.

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  1. You are correct, but it’s hard to know what the situation was. In the NL draft today last year’s winner Mike Lombardo and I had the most money, and we both made the same observation: There was talent available, but only player who was obviously better than everyone else available at his position.

    Um, that would be Ryan Shealy. I ended up getting him at $11, this for a guy who doesn’t have a job, and is either going to start the year on the DL or in the minors.

    It wasn’t a great situation to be in, it was a mistake, but my read at the time was right. I was able to get the other players I had targetted, and I ended up with Shealy. Whether wanting Shealy was a good idea, that’s another story.

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