Baseball Prospectus

I was just the other day wondering why Kevin Goldstein had stopped writing the minor league player daily email for Baseball America (and how I noticed because it wasn’t quite so charming), and I didn’t notice until today that he’s been writing for Baseball Prospectus. It turns out he’s going to be writing 4-5 times a week for them. This is disturbing because his stuff is good, but I had pretty much decided not to renew BP (which they tell me expires in two days).

In today’s story he looked back at the Top 30 prospect lists from 2001 in BA and evaluated how many of the 900 included made the bigs and in what capacity. This isn’t a groundbreaking bit of news, but it’s an average of eight, most of the them not regulars. Goldstein, as usual, is judicious in his judgments and fair in his pronouncements.

I’ve been finding BP less than essential, but not worthless. Worth the dough they’re charging (I don’t know what that is)? We’ll see.