David Luciani Writes…

A Message from the Editor published February 4

The link here is to an editors letter from Baseball Notebook’s David Luciani in which he declares he’s retiring from baseball writing after this season because of the trouble he’s had with anonymous posters challenging his record in prospect prognostication.

I don’t know the facts in this case. David was an early advertising supporter of this site, but he never earned his money back from the ads, for what that’s worth. What I do know is that whether stuff is printed on paper or the electronic ether of the internet, there are hard copies out there. If you have a file with old Baseball Notebook prospect reports print outs I’d like to see them.

Based on our intermittent dealings I like David Luciani, but more importantly I’d like to see some actual facts in this case. Charges without factual support are reprehensible. If you have information that supports either side in the matter please let it shine.