ESPN.com: MLB Boxscore: NY Yankees vs. Baltimore

In the American Dreams League I own Josh Towers. I activated him this week, at least in part because I hoped he would take Chuck McElroy’s spot in the rotation. I’m in desperate need of innings, since I inopportunely benched Dave Mlicki and I lost Moehler to the DL.

But I’m not unhappy that Mike Hargrove is using Towers in relief. I strongly believe that young pitchers need to learn that they can get major leaguers out, and the best way to get that experience is by pitching out of the bullpen.

Once Matt Riley burned out (or in, as you may) Towers is probably the best prospect the Orioles have. (I happen to have some hope for John Parrish, but I’m not trying to sell him.) He has yet to give up a run, which I’m appreciative of, but as an investor in the 2002 stats for the players on my team, I hope he’s brought along slowly and given every chance to succeed.

He has great control, and four good pitches. That doesn’t mean he’ll get major leaguers out (ask Chad Durbin), but he’ll have a much better chance of learning how to leap that hurdle if he’s taught how to do it, rather than facing a Durbin-esque task of winning a big league game.

There is little evidence that these young pitchers will succeed enough to be on our roster, at least if we have to pay for them, but there are exceptions that we can’t be unaware of the potential.

Right now I’m glad my money is on Towers. And I’m glad that money consists of one reserve pick.