A Fantasy Sports Stock Market Done Right?


I’ve only spent 15 minutes on the site, where I learned that my immediate “friend” Derrek Lee lists all the members of the Chicago Cubs as his “friend”s (where am I?), but I get the distinct feeling that someone has gotten the virtual stock market right. How it works out will depend on how free they let the shorts roam, and how real money plays a part (I’m not clear about this).

The “analysis” offered that I’ve seen mimics broader cable TV analysis, but it seems at Protrade everyone gets their own blog, so in time reliable reporters and analysts might prevail (if there’s a reason for them to persist, it doesn’t look like there is a meritocratic payment system for analysts yet).

But most importantly the scoring system is clear, so if they can convert their virtual financial system into a real one there is a gambling game here that might warrant some real attention. Stay tuned.