Fantasy Baseball Guide 2019 Corrections and Updates Page

FBG_19_FCrevised This is the place where I post corrections to mistakes that are found in the Guide. We try to catch them all, but we don’t.

This also the place to find the Projections and Prices update in early March. The Projections and Prices update has been posted. Click here to download the Excel file. (To open, the password is the last name (all lower case) of the first player on Page 82 of the the Fantasy Baseball Guide 2019.)

Okay, there haven’t been any corrections. I have spotted some typos, some edits I would change, but it feels like we did better this year. This is thanks to Matthew Mougalian and with the help of all the writers, who backed up their words with a review, all very much appreciated.

February 9: One thing I’ve noticed as I prepare the update, which will be linked to here later in the month, is that the closer prices are a mess. There is an explanation. The turnover at Closer in recent years has been horrendous. Managers change closers at the drop of a BS, and across baseball there are now a variety of different approaches to handling the back end of the bullpen, all of which makes the Certitude of the Closer a very outmoded idea.

Which is to say that now that many free agents have signed, though not Craig Kimbrel, I’ve assigned clearer roles to the pitchers in each team’s bullpen, which helps clarify their prices. Those prices will continue to evolve as camps open, more players sign, and others get hurt or are ineffective and will be found in the March 7 (or so) update.