LaRoche’s disorder in spotlight

Adam LaRoche’s problem, apparently, is ADD. He won’t take medication for it, however, or make excuses, which is why he sometimes looks like he isn’t paying attention to the game. Or he doesn’t hustle, as in a play in Monday’s game against the Nats. According to the experts quoted in this story, if LaRoche took the right medication he’d be a better baseball player. But there are a lot of people these days who say that taking the ADD medication helps them focus better, too, even if they haven’t been diagnosed with the disease. Since LaRoche can function on the extraordinary level of a major leaguer without taking medication, can his disease be bad enough that he should be allowed performance enhancing drugs his teammates and opponents aren’t allowed?

I’m just asking.

1 thought on “LaRoche’s disorder in spotlight”

  1. If Larouche has been diagnosed with ADD I don’t see any reasons why he shouldn’t be taking a prescribed and supervised medication for his disorder. My biggest concern wouldn’t be the effects not taking meds has on his baseball abilities and performance, but the possible problems not taking these drugs might have on his life outside of baseball.

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