Todd Zola on Position Scarcity

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There has been a bit of discussion about position scarcity recently, as there is every March really. Along the way I remembered this interesting series (there is a part III, which can be found at Todd is one of the posse.
One of the reasons I remembered it was because it got me thinking about this issue and looking into it further. But more about that later. For now, reading Todd’s story is a good place to start.

Two Yankees

Major League Baseball : Ask Rotoman

The new one is up. Sheffield or Jeter? Jeter or Sheffield? Is this a tossup? What makes a freeze? Is Clint Barmes a dear? Plus some chatter, all over at

Tips for newbies

Major League Baseball : News : Mark Newman’s Mark Newman asked me to kick in some tips for new fantasy baseball players. 10 to be exact. I gave him 11 and he appropriated the last one, which is to have fun. Reading them over now I wonder if I missed some.

Strategies of Champions: Rotoman Regulars 2005

Ask Rotoman » Strategies of Champions: Rotoman Regulars 2005

Anthony Beaulieu won the 2nd Annual Rotoman Regulars League, and with some encouragement from me wrote a Strategies of Champions piece about how he put together his winning team. Confusion about the due date and some last-minute ads nudged the piece out of the magazine, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t worth a look. I don’t think anything teaches us more about strategy than learning what actual champions did to win their league.