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Major League Baseball : Fantasy : Fantasy

The subjects? Huff v. Wilkerson. Cabrera v. Wright. Good drafting v. bad drafting. With chatter about Matt Cain, Troy Glaus and Jeremy Hermida. Don’t miss it!

Todd Zola on Position Scarcity

Mixed Nuts – Articles

There has been a bit of discussion about position scarcity recently, as there is every March really. Along the way I remembered this interesting series (there is a part III, which can be found at Todd is one of the posse.
One of the reasons I remembered it was because it got me thinking about this issue and looking into it further. But more about that later. For now, reading Todd’s story is a good place to start.

Two Yankees

Major League Baseball : Ask Rotoman

The new one is up. Sheffield or Jeter? Jeter or Sheffield? Is this a tossup? What makes a freeze? Is Clint Barmes a dear? Plus some chatter, all over at

Tips for newbies

Major League Baseball : News : Mark Newman’s Mark Newman asked me to kick in some tips for new fantasy baseball players. 10 to be exact. I gave him 11 and he appropriated the last one, which is to have fun. Reading them over now I wonder if I missed some.

Strategies of Champions: Rotoman Regulars 2005

Ask Rotoman » Strategies of Champions: Rotoman Regulars 2005

Anthony Beaulieu won the 2nd Annual Rotoman Regulars League, and with some encouragement from me wrote a Strategies of Champions piece about how he put together his winning team. Confusion about the due date and some last-minute ads nudged the piece out of the magazine, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t worth a look. I don’t think anything teaches us more about strategy than learning what actual champions did to win their league.