The best minor league team names. You decide.

The Ten Most Creative Minor League Team Names – Fantasy Baseball Cafe 2005

It’s the hot stove season alright, and I found this pleasant piece about minor league team names rather charming. Or pleasant.

One note: I think Auburn Doubledays is something of a pun. Is should be.

Alex Rodriguez Debt Clock

HeraldNet – Pay-Rod Meter

Stumbled across this funny page from an Everett Washington newspaper, which appears to date from 2001, but like the National Debt Clock it just keeps ticking, MVP after MVP.

Phil Garner is Dumb

Not my fault – MLB – Yahoo! Sports

I was trying to think of all the dumb things Phil Garner had done during the season, but Tom Verducci has a better list.

Catcher in the Wry

RotoJunkie – Fly Pops – $1 Catcher in the Wry (powered by evoArticles)

If you dig the original, this will make you laugh heartily (at least I did), but like all classic parody, even if you don’t know the source (and you should) this says a lot.