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This year’s Patton $ software and the text/Excel versions are available now.

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    The Fantasy Baseball Guide 2010 is OUT NOW!

    The Fantasy Baseball Guide 2010 cover

    On newstands everywhere! digs Rotoman’s approach

    You can decide whether the love is warranted.

    Most Valuable Unwanted Hitters

    As with the recently posted pitcher’s list, these are the hitters that went unwanted by Patton and Fenger in this week’s software release with the highest projected value (by me).

    • Norris Hopper, CIN
    • Joe Koshansky, COL
    • Ryan Raburn, DET
    • Brian Barton, STL
    • Michael Aubrey, CLE
    • Frank Catalanotto, TEX
    • Oscar Salazar, BAL
    • Johnny Estrada, FA
    • Brian Barden, STL

    A much different sort of list than the pitchers. I’m not sure what that means. Maybe those guys are expecting the young hitters to make their teams and be eligible, unlike the pitchers.

    For a change of pace, here is a list of the guys they give prices to, that I haven’t been able to bring myself to make projections for:

    • Henry Blanco, SD
    • Brad Wilkerson, BOS
    • So Taguchi, CHN
    • Raul Casanova, NYN
    • Chris Gomez, BAL
    • Jolbert Cabrera, BAL
    • Jason Lane, TOR
    • Angel Pagan, NYN
    • Kevin Cash, NYA

    If these guys are still in the running for jobs next Friday they will get projections.

    Top Earning Pitchers with No Bid Price

    I’m working on this week’s update for the Patton $ Software and Data and found a category that might be of interest. These are the pitchers that neither Alex nor Michael have put bid prices on, who I have given the highest valued projections. I guess this is really a reflection of my prejudices this year filtered by Alex and Mike’s bids. If they think they’ll be around on draft day they aren’t on this list:

    • Tommy Hunter, TEX
    • Ben Sheets, FA (Texas likely)
    • Wade Davis, TB
    • Jeff Neimann, TB
    • Daryl Thompson, CIN
    • Ian Kenneday, NYA
    • Kevin Mulvey, MIN
    • Jon Niese, NYN
    • Tommy Hanson, ATL
    • Anthony Swarzak, MIN
    • Kyle McClellan, STL
    • Casey Janssen, TOR
    • Dustin Mosely, ANA
    • Eduardo Morlan, TB

    Make of this what you will. Or can.

    Alex says the software is the Cadillac

    The Final Update was posted at 9pm on April 9th. Both software and data packages are updated, with lots of adjustments because of the spring surprises. I mean, Andres Torres? That said, he’s coming off a fine season, so who knows?

    One player I didn’t update in the update was Emilio Bonifacio. His claiming of the 3B job in Florida was a surprise, as have been his heroics thus far. I probably should have bumped him up to 375 at bats (he’s in there for 275 now), but I don’t like to react too strongly to first week events by changing prices. And I had gotten Bonifacio up to 275 AB because I was high on him as a super utility guy, who steals bases but doesn’t field well enough to hold down a full time job. I still thing that’s what he’s going to end up being. 

    This year we created a data only Patton $ Software product, for those who didn’t want to use the software. You can buy either by visiting but if you’re undecided which product fits your needs better, go to Alex’s pitch for the software at Patton & Co.

    Thanks to all who purchased this year’s software, and special thanks to the incredible group who have been buying it year after year after year. Your loyalty is a great compliment. Have a great season! Peter and Alex

    This Year, Patton $ in Cheaper Data Only Format, Available Now!

    The Patton $ 2009 page

    The link takes you to the information and ordering page for Patton $ Software and this year’s new product: The Data Only for Less!

    For the many who use the software to prepare their own projections and prices, make their bid lists, and run their auction or draft, the price remains the same: $30. Click the buttons on the left side of the page, if you want to buy.

    For the others, who have paid the $30 for the data only, in text and Excel formats, this year we’re offering the projections and bid prices for $15. Click the buttons on the right side of the page, if you want to buy.

    Software owners will be able to access the data files from the software download page.

    For those unfamiliar with the product, a visit to the Patton $ Software and Data information and ordering page, will answer many questions. Or ask a question here in the comments.

    Ask Rotoman :: The Season is Done

    Ask Rotoman :: My drafting is done.

    The link is to my preseason post auction look at my American Dream League team. Rereading it now I have to say that if you’d told me that Josh Hamilton would be great, that Gavin Floyd would be very good and that Edwin Jackson wouldn’t suck, that Justin Duchscherer would almost lead the league in ERA, that K-Rod would set a saves record, that Joe Mauer would lead the AL in batting average, that Milton Bradley would lead the AL in OBP, I would have been very happy.

    If you’d told me that I was able to trade Richie Sexson for Asdrubal Cabrera (who was awfully good from mid-August on), that I’d be able to trade both my closers for a hitter and a pitcher (though neither was great) and still finish tied for third in saves, that Glen Perkins came off my reserve list and did a very creditable job until mid-September, I’d have been ecstatic.

    How did I finish 8th? Two black holes: I spent $28 on Travis Hafner and he earned -$4. I spent $33 on Justin Verlander and he earned -$4, too. That’s -$67 I needed to make up just to get to even, from my two most expensive players.

    Josh Hamilton earned a profit of $18. Duchscherer earned a profit of $12. Gavin Floyd earned a profit of $15. Francisco Rodriguez earned a proft of $22. That gets us to $67. It took my four best buys to wipe out the misery of my two worst buys.

    After that things reverse. Milton Bradley earned a profit of $18. Joe Mauer earned a profit of $6. Torii Hunter earned a profit of $7. Okay, up $31. But… Juan Uribe lost $8, Brad Wilkerson lost $11, Reggie Willets lost $8, and some costly pitching stints from Andy Pettitte, Livan Hernandez and Jason Jennings wiped out the rest.

    In a winning season not all the pieces click, but you just can’t have your best picks be offset by disasters. In this case I blame my opponents, who drove up the price of power hitting to such a level that I had almost no choice but to spend ridiculously on Hafner, though he came with risk. I can only blame myself for Verlander. He looked like the best available starter to me then, and he still does now. But clearly I was wrong.

    The irony was that in 2007 I picked the right stud pitcher in this league, Johan Santana, and the wrong cheap guys, Cliff Lee and John Danks, who this year earned $40 and $16 respectively.

    (For the record, ADL was won by Steven Levy, who had good freezes but then made great choices all draft long. Others in the money, in order, were Alex Patton/Bruce Berensmann, Michael Walsh and Walter Shapiro.)

    In the other leagues:

    Tout Wars was a disaster. An impressive run of injuries early, some savvy rejiggering in the middle kept me in the middle, but the pitching staff fell apart in August and September. The bad finish is in part a tribute to a Go for it trade in June that didn’t work out all the way, but this was a doomed season healthwise for this team. (First place went to Mike Lombardo for the third time in four years. He’s a great player. Second went to Glenn Colton.)

    Rotoman’s Regulars is a format (20 team Yahoo) that bewilders me. I finished third three years ago but the last two years have been a disaster, mostly because I don’t know how to churn good guys off my roster to pick up guys who are playing better. Some of this is about attention, some of it is about temperment. Some of it is about a bad draft (did I really take Andruw Jones and Kelvim Escobar?) I think for 2009 I will be hosting the league, maybe I’ll even be the commish, but I’m not going to play in it again. Too painful, but a great game and an excellent format. (The winner was frequent Guide contributor JD Bolick. Runner up was Eun Park, who won the league in its first year.)

    XFL is a 15 team mixed league with an auction in November and a 17 round reserve draft in March. We were in a rebuilding year (it’s a keeper league) but I had an awesome auction and not a bad draft, and we finished fourth. My partner, Alex, thought this was a bottom of the standings team, but he didn’t see the blooming of Youkilis and Jose Lopez and the continued excellence of Bobby Abreu and Randy Winn (this league uses OBP rather than BA). (Steve Moyer finished first, going away, with Doug Dennis and Trace Wood somewhat behind after swapping places daily until a week ago.)

    All in all a dismal season for me. Not the other guys.

    For those who’ve asked, I’m working very hard on a video about butterflies that will be done very soon. Work on the magazine is underway. There will eventually be real content on this page again. This year, with no weekly gig, I spent less time writing and way more time managing my teams, which I thought would be good. Fail! We’ll see how it works out next year.

    Thanks for reading.

    Patton on the XFL

    When Alex told me he was going to write about the XFL, a league a bunch of us oldtimers play in with oddball rules but rigorous discipline, I was skeptical.

    Let me conclude, however, before you’ve read this, because no one wants me to go on too long, that Alex is the master of the roto narrative. I dare say that there isn’t anyone else in the world you might want to read about a fantasy baseball season. Especially when you’re not involved. But it’s hard to stop reading Alex.

    If you play in a mixed league, you’ll want to read this story, which somehow finds all the suppleness of the game in the decidedly unsupple details of our rosters.

    3/21 Fixed the link.

    The Patton $ on Disk 2008 page

    The Patton $ on Disk 2008 page

    The newest  updates to the P$oD08 have been posted. These include mostly fixed team and league data, updated projections, and bid prices from Alex Patton (4×4), Mike Fenger (5×5), and me, Rotoman, Mixed league 12 team.

    You can use the program, which runs incredibly fast on all Windows machines (including those Intel Macs that have Windows), or you can choose to use the accompanying text and Excel files.

    In either case you get bid lists and up to date projections for all draftable players this season. And free updates through the week after opening day.