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I wish he’d applied his findings a little more rigorously to the real world model, and made some effort to list this year’s guys (that team isn’t going average pick 84 this year), but this is a worthwhile strategy to prepare for.

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  1. I think aside from the unrealistic team composition issue (I have a hard time imagining a team with Pierre and Pods), he’s also mixing two different datasets here. He’s using the projected draft position (which are assumedly based on projected stats) while at the same time using last year’s stats to rank the teams.

    Just plugging my own projections in here, I end up having the “unbalanced” team with .295, 755R, 173HR, 649RBI, and 133SB and the “balanced” team with .288, 649R, 177HR, 661RBI, 129SB. Mainly that’s due to his balanced team having some guys like Lee, Bay and Hall that I wouldn’t expect to replicate their seasons, while on the other side, Helton and Tejada should certainly be expected to improve upon last year’s effort.

    Overall, I definitely agree that to take anything from this, much more rigor is needed, especially given that I could almost certainly slice my selections differently and achieve the result I wanted to show.

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