The Short of It

Fantasy: Top 20 Shortstops For 2006 — The Hardball Times

The laudable Hardball Times has a Top 5, and I have a Top 5.

Theirs: Jeter, Young, Reyes, Rollins, Lugo.

Mine: Young, Furcal, Tejada, Jeter, Rollins

Not huge differences, except I have Rollins at $30 and the next guy, Reyes, at $24. I’m sure Lugo doesn’t belong in the Top 5, and while I wouldn’t rule out Reyes doing it again, I wouldn’t pay for it. And I’ve loved Lugo longtime.

What does this mean? Not that much. In any roto auction Tim Dierkes would be more likely to end up with Lugo or Reyes and I’d be more likely to get Tejada or Furcal. And both of us would be scrapping for a number two.

I used to like Lugo in that role. Now, after a few years of getting burned, I’m going for Edgar Renteria, if his price has dropped enough.

2 thoughts on “The Short of It

  1. He had a bad looking year, no doubt about it, but part of it fantasy-wise was that Boston doesn’t run much, hurting his value. In almost every other way he played the way he had in 2004. It looked worse because of the errors, and because he sucked mightily at the start of the year.

    I’d say he’s a Top 10 (or 11) SS still, who in some leagues may slip out of the Top 20, as he does on the Hardball Times list. He may never regain what made him look so awesome in 2003, but then again he might. There are a lot of good hitting shortstops out there, but if you’re bargain hunting this is a guy to target.

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