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It’s out, and features talk about starting a keeper league, choosing between Jeff Mathis and Ryan Doumit, and defense: does it matter? As well as a little chatter.

2 thoughts on “Major League Baseball : Ask Rotoman

  1. You wrote:
    “Philadelphia adds Aaron Rowand, a plus, but not a huge one since Jason Michaels is moving out of left field.”

    Of course, Jason Michaels never played much LF for the Phillies and his defensive presence was primarily in CF.
    Oh, he played LF on occasion, late defensive sub and days when Burrell got a rest, but not enough to be missed out there. The addition of Rowand is a CF replacement of the Lofton and Michaels platoon. And that if anyone is a winner in the Michaels’ defensive sweepstakes, if only marginally, it’s probably Cleveland’s pitchers since Michaels will replace Crisp.

  2. You’re right. Michaels played more in CF than LF last year. The question was does the addition of Rowand replacing Lofton/Michaels make a significant difference?

    According to David Pinto’s numbers, it doesn’t seem like it will.

    Same goes for Michaels replacing Crisp in Cleveland. Maybe a little difference. Not a big one.

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